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AFIO - Association of Former Intelligence Officers

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About AFIO

What is AFIO | Principles and Objectives | Programs

What is the Association of Former Intelligence Officers?

AFIO is a non-profit, non-political, educational association of former intelligence professionals and supporters, incorporated in Virginia in 1975, and recognized as a tax exempt organization under IRS code para 501 (c) (3).

AFIO's educational focus is on fostering understanding of the vital importance and role of US intelligence in historic, contemporary and future contexts. This includes supporting US policy and decision makers, diplomacy, strategy, security and defense. In addition, AFIO focuses on understanding the critical need for effective counterintelligence and security against foreign, political, technological or economic espionage, as well as, lawfully authorized clandestine actions and covert, terrorist or criminal operations threatening US security, the national infrastructure, or corporate and individual safety.

Since foreign intelligence, counterintelligence and covert activities are necessarily conducted in secrecy - an ever-present silent war - education on the vital need for effective institutions conducting US intelligence and counterintelligence operations is a challenging, necessary and important mission. As Richard Deacon noted in his History of British Intelligence, A great Power without an efficient intelligence service is doomed; that has been the lesson from the heyday of Troy to the present.

AFIO is an association of people with active intellectual lives, many of whom have participated - or are participating - in events of historic significance, and who have played roles of leadership and high distinction, dedicated to worthy principles and objectives. AFIO members include primarily individuals from US Government Departments, but also State and local government, corporate or private professionals and supporters.

Aside from a small professional staff and central office, the AFIO organization and its chapters throughout the country is run by volunteers who donate their time and talents to the cause of furthering AFIO's objectives and enjoy the fellowship of professional colleagues and supporters.

The Honorable George H.W. Bush
The Honorable Gerald R. Ford

Mr. John Barron
The Hon. Shirley Temple Black
The Hon. Frank C. Carlucci
Dr. Ruth M. Davis
Amb. Richard Helms
Adm. Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret)
Professor Ernest May
Mr. John Anson Smith
The Hon. William H. Webster

Lt. Gen Lincoln D. Faurer, USAF (Ret), Chairman
Mr. E. Peter Earnest, Vice Chairman

Mr. Charles A. Briggs
Miss Cynthia Grabo
Mr. Samuel Halpern
RADM Donald P. Harvey, USN (Ret)
Professor Robert J. Heibel
Mr. Henry E. Hockeimer
Mr. H. Frederick Hutchinson
Mr. William T. Kvetkas
Mr. Donald Larrabee
Mrs. Mary McCausland
RADM Donald H. McDowell, USN (Ret)
Miss Eva M. Popovich
Mr. Theodore G. Shackley
Thomas R. Spencer, Jr., Esq.
Maj. Gen. Jack E. Thomas, USAF (Ret)
Mr. John H. Waller
Mr. Ralph E. Weber
LTG James A. Williams, USA (Ret)
Lt Gen C. Norman Wood, USAF (Ret)

Mr. S. Eugene Poteat, CIA SIS/S&T (Ret)
Sr. Vice President
Lt Gen Edward J. Heinz, USAF (Ret)
Executive Director
Col. Roy K. Jonkers
Mr. Arthur H. Choate
Director of Administration and 
Secretary of the Association
Mrs. Gretchen Campbell
Director, Information Systems & Publications
Elizabeth Bancroft

Vice Presidents
RADM Don H. McDowell, USN (Ret)
Mr. C. Emerson Cooper

Chairman, Endowment Funds and
Fund Raising
Mr. Albano F. Ponte

Legal Counsel
William Benteen Bailey,  Esq

Financial Counsel
John W. Balch, CPA

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Principles and Objectives

AFIO members subscribe to the values of patriotism, excellence, integrity, dedication and loyalty represented by the active intelligence establishment of the United States engaged in the execution of national policies and the advancement and defense of the vital interests and security of the country, its citizens, and its allies.

AFIO's principal objective is to foster understanding by intellectual, political and business community leaders and the general public of the continuing need for a strong and responsible national intelligence/counterintelligence establishment to deal with a variety of short and long-term threats and issues in the current world environment and the new Information Age. Within this context AFIO stresses education on the need for effective long-term intelligence strategies and capabilities to support national decisionmakers and to guard against surprise.

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AFIO seeks to implement its objectives by conducting programs to:

  • contribute balance and expert insight into the public and media discourses on intelligence-related issues;
  • support educational courses, seminars, symposia and research on intelligence and counterintelligence topics;
  • promote public understanding of intelligence and counterintelligence roles, needs and functions;
  • encourage the exchange of information among intelligence professionals;
  • promote the study of the history and current role of US intelligence

Specific programs are conducted within the following framework:


  • AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes - email weekly commentaries on intelligence issues
  • AFIO Periscope - periodical - printed commentary, speeches, articles on intelligence
  • AFIO Intelligencer - periodical with book reviews and articles by/for intelligence scholars
  • AFIO Monographs - concise discussions of a specific intelligence issue.
  • AFIO Homepage - organizational material and updates, references to AFIO publications, data base resource.


  • National Convention, Symposia, Seminars and Workshops
  • AFIO mini symposia - luncheon speakers (Washington DC area)
  • AFIO Chapter meetings and conferences (Chapters located throughout the US)

Media Support

  • Participation in TV, radio, and printed news media discussions.

Academic Support & Outreach

  • The Institute for Intelligence Education
  • The Harold P. Ransburg Memorial Education Agenda
  • AFIO videos, audio tapes and printed material for high school and college use
  • Tuition scholarships
  • Meritorious educational awards for students and instructors.
  • Development of an overview course on intelligence & counterintelligence
  • AFIO Support to (180) professors teaching intelligence and intelligence-related courses, including a syllabus file
  • AFIO research support - book reviews, references and publications

Community Outreach

  • AFIO Speaker's Bureau - AFIO speakers for community associations & events.
  • AFIO media support

Corporate Support

  • Area expertise support as needed
  • Threat awareness and counterintelligence education
  • Networking
  • Job placement support

Member Support

  • AFIO publications, conferences and meetings
  • Networking & social/collegial interaction
  • Volunteer opportunities on behalf of AFIO objectives
  • Participation in AFIO Chapter activities country-wide
  • Awards, recognition and participation in a worthy cause
  • Employment Support
  • Tuition Scholarships

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AFIO Central Office
6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite 303A
McLean, Virginia 22101-4533
Telephone: 703 790 0320 | Facsimile: 703 790 0264
Email: afio@his.com