Dead men tell no tales -- Part 2

Tuesday, March 23, 1999
Charles R. Smith

In 1994, "American" businessman K.S. Wu traveled with Ron Brown to Communist China. Today, Mr. Wu is reported to be dead, and no one in the Democratic Party (Democratic National Committee) wants to talk about him.

In my last column, we learned that, in August 1994, Mr. Wu accompanied Ron Brown to China and Hong Kong. Wu was invited to various special events, including a post Hong Kong dinner and Democrat fund-raiser.

Wu traveled with several major DNC donors, including Bernard Schwartz, CEO of Loral [Space Communications]; Sanford Robertson, CEO of Robertson & Stephens [a technology investment bank]; Democratic Gov. Caperton of West Virginia; and Edwin Lupberger, CEO of Entergy Corp.

Entergy Corp., of course, is part owned by the Riady family and the Lippo Group.

In fact, Wu actually worked for Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing. According to documents provided by the Commerce Department, Wu, Lupberger, Caperton and Brown met with PRC billionaire Li Ka-Shing in Beijing during the 1994 trip.

K.S. Wu, CEO of a so-called "American" firm, traveled at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers, to meet his Chinese boss Li Ka-Shing. Li Ka-Shing owns the vast shipping enterprise, Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd. Li works closely with the official PRC shipping carrier, COSCO. Li and COSCO own both ends of the Panama canal. Li and COSCO tried to buy the former Navy port at Long Beach.

Li financed several satellite deals between Hughes and China Hong Kong Satellite (CHINASAT), a company half owned by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). Li Ka-Shing and the Chinese navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships, financed by loans backed by U.S. Treasury notes.

The bio of Li Ka-Shing was forced from the White House by this author during a lawsuit filed in federal court. The Commerce Department claimed the material was withheld for review by another "agency." In fact, the material was secretly sent by Commerce to the real authors, the White House, which is not an agency. The legal "Catch-22" situation was all too obvious to Commerce and White House lawyers who caved in rather than being made to look stupid in front of a Federal Judge.

The reason for the resistance becomes all too clear when Li Ka-Shing's bio is compared to the accompanying materials forced from the grips of the White House. Li was the only so-called "civilian." Li's bio was included by the White House along with the entire leadership of Communist China from Jiang Zemin to the mayor of Shanghai.

The Long Beach affair demonstrated that Li Ka-Shing is an agent of Beijing. The White House material clearly shows that Mr. Li Ka-Shing is a member of the Communist government. The Long Beach deal led by Li Ka-Shing was clearly a national security threat. It was canceled after U.S. intelligence sources revealed that Li Ka-Shing's empire is used for PRC espionage. Li Ka-Shing provides fronts for Chinese military operations and "civilian" covers for PLA soldiers to enter the U.S. under "commercial" camouflage.

In 1995, Mr. K.S. Wu of Pacific Century -- a company owned by Li Ka-Shing, teamed with Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia to provide Red China with an airbase only 50 miles from downtown Washington, D.C.

According to a January 1996 speech by Gov. Caperton on the Democrats' website, "Mr. Wu was a trusted adviser to Sen. Rockefeller and me. He was instrumental in helping Senator Rockefeller develop the Swearingen aircraft project. He was also extremely helpful in expanding our relationships with China and Japan. We extend to his family our deepest respect and sympathy. His death is a deep loss to West Virginia."

Today, Sen. Rockefeller will not comment on either the departed Mr. Wu, or the Li Ka-Shing airbase at Martinsburg, West Virginia. The Jan. 1996 speech by Governor Caperton published on the Democrats' website was removed from the Internet immediately after I submitted a fax copy to Sen. Rockefeller's office in Washington, D.C.

Yet, in 1996, Sen. Rockefeller led a delegation of Asian investors to Martinsburg, West Virginia. According to Gov. Caperton, K.S. Wu was instrumental in helping Rockefeller bring the Asian investors to West Virginia.

In fact, these investors were so special that Rockefeller ran a VIP train to transport them to West Virginia from Washington, D.C. The joint U.S.-Sino delegation broke ground for a new aircraft plant now located at the Martinsburg airport under a project called "Sino-Swearingen SJ-30."

The Sino-Swearingen plant in West Virginia is a joint project between Texas based Swearingen aircraft, the AFL-CIO, and Sino-Aerospace Investment Corporation. The joint interests of PRC billionaire Li Ka-Shing, a big U.S. union, and Sen. Rockefeller were teamed up to manufacture business jets in the remote mountains of rural West Virginia.

The so-called SJ-30 "business" jet is state-of-the-art. The SJ-30 can travel 2,500 miles at nearly the speed of sound and is rated to cruise at 49,000 feet. The SJ-30 is considered to be the leading edge of U.S. commercial aerospace technology and includes all the latest in avionics such as GPS navigation.

The immense speed, range and altitude capability of the SJ-30 can be attributed to the twin Rolls Royce/Williams FJ-44 turbofans that power it. The Williams FJ-44 is also used in the Swedish SK-60 military attack trainer and powers the USAF DarkStar stealth robot spy plane. Williams is best known for making the jet engines for U.S. Tomahawk and ALCM cruise missiles.

The Sino-Swearingen facility is located at the Martinsburg airport just south of the town along U.S. Rt. 81. Martinsburg is a key point in the West Virginia hills, located only 50 miles from downtown D.C. The narrow valley is a major north/south and east/west crossing for U.S. microwave and fiber-optic telecommunications. The Martinsburg airport is supported by the U.S. taxpayer via the National Guard facilities and the airport ground facilities, such as fire and rescue.

In 1996, a host of the Asian officials attending the groundbreaking included Dr. Shih-Chein Yang of Taiwan Aerospace and Benjamin Lu of the Taipei Economic office. In fact, the entire groundbreaking at Martinsburg is covered in detail on Sen. Rockefeller's web page, including a wonderful photograph of Rockefeller and several Asian businessmen with shovels in hand.

In 1996, Jay Rockefeller had very close ties to the real money behind the Sino-Swearingen aerospace deal, Li Ka-Shing. Li Ka-Shing is also a known PLA operative. Today, Asian "engineers" roam the hills of West Virginia with a "commercial" cover. The perfect location, complete with jets to test fly and a huge facility constructed to order was paid for by American and Chinese taxpayers.

There are two more twists to this tale of a PRC base only 50 miles from the White House. A fellow reporter, Danny Casolaro, was murdered in Martinsburg West Virginia while investigating Hillary Clinton and her business connections to an Arkansas airport called Mena.

Casolaro was found in his Martinsburg hotel with his wrists slashed in 1991. He was reportedly trying to meet an informant who had documented evidence of the involvement of the CIA and NSA in dope smuggling to support military operations in Central America. Casolaro was murdered after he had linked Rose Office clients with the NSA attempts to penetrate foreign banks to monitor drug dealing and money-laundering.

The worst news comes not from a dead reporter but a living hero. Softwar has obtained an exclusive interview with former GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev. Col. Lunev is the highest-ranking member of the former Soviet Union intelligence services to defect to America. He is, to this day, surrounded by FBI agents for his protection.

In 1999, I presented the K.S. Wu information to Colonel Lunev for his evaluation. According to Col. Lunev, Russian and Chinese army operatives in the U.S. have created large stockpiles of arms for use in time of war. These communist weapon caches are reportedly hidden all over America. According to Lunev, the Chinese and Russian weapon stockpiles include explosives, nerve gas, anthrax and as many as 120 "suitcase" nuclear bombs!

I have confirmed Colonel Lunev's story with several members of Congress. Red China and Russia have pre-positioned nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on American soil with the intent of destroying our nation. President Clinton and Congress are aware that China and Russia have smuggled nuclear bombs into the United States.

Li Ka-Shing and his new airbase in Martinsburg are the perfect delivery points for PRC special forces operations. Chinese Army operatives in Li Ka-Shing's employ can be "activated" years after being planted, whenever needed.

For example Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, John Huang, Hua Di and K.S. Wu all had the perfect "civilian" credentials. Trie, Chung, and Huang await justice in America but Wu is dead and Hua Di has "defected" back to China.

According to Lunev, PRC special forces agents are rotated on a regular basis in and out of America, usually through diplomatic sites at the U.N. or the PRC Embassy. Washington and New York are only minutes away from Martinsburg by jet.

A so-called "civilian" project could put PRC bombers over the U.S. capitol without warning. A single "business" jet with a suitcase bomb could fly to ground zero with satellite navigation accuracy and a GPS autopilot. Such an unmanned flight in the crowded skies of Washington D.C. would go unnoticed until the final fatal second.

The surprise nuclear attack will kill the entire U.S. leadership. U.S. military leaders in the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and nearly a million Americans will die in a single flash.

If there were enough concerns to shut down the planned PRC takeover of Long Beach then the PRC airbase in Martinsburg should at least also undergo close scrutiny. The relationship between Li Ka-Shing, Ron Brown, K.S. Wu, Sen. Rockefeller and Bill Clinton should be investigated by an FBI director and attorney general interested in protecting the national security.

We need to kick out known espionage agents and close their front operations. Covert operations to put atomic bombs on American soil are an act of war. We should confront the Red Chinese and Russian leadership with a demand to remove these devices at once. The threat now lies buried in our own soil, next to our homes and within minutes of our nation's capitol.