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Feb 5th, 2013

The Intelligence Summit is pleased to partner with the Israel Truth Week organization and help make this year's annual Canadian conference another resounding success.


-- Clicking the Israel Truth Week Logo will take you to the website. --

Israel Truth Week ... Our Mission

The mission of Israel Truth Week is to promote a truthful image of Israel; to assist pro-Israel organizations stand up for Israel; and to let Jewish students and their families know they are not alone when faced with Israel Apartheid Week vilification.

Israel Apartheid Week is about attacking values. Israel stands as a proxy for all the liberal democratic values that we in the West hold dear: Respect for the rule of law; freedom of expression; freedom of religion; and the right to be treated equally before the law and to be protected equally by the law. People who share those values are being attacked, persecuted and terrorized, even murdered. Israel Truth Week is not just about religion or borders, it is about defending those values and the people who hold them, whether they live in Israel or in Canada.

Our approach is promote a peaceful, determined, reasoned, unified response to anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism – on and off campus.

One of the key objectives of the Israel Truth Week concept is to unite Jewish and non-Jewish groups in defence of Israel, and liberal values of freedom and equality here in Canada, to encourage co-operation despite differences of opinion or approach.

- Mark Vandermaas, Founder

MEDIA RELEASE, Jan 24/13: [PDF] ‘Pushing Back With Truth & Action’: 2nd annual Israel Truth Week Conference in Hamilton, ON, Canada, March 5-6/13 to counter ‘Apartheid’ vilification, Canadian rule of law/policing failures’

- 2013 Conference Agenda - [PDF]

-- Help us spread the word! All 'ready-to-use' media material is available for download when you visit the Israel Truth Week Website. --


This video was produced by the Sun News Network. Posted with permission.



Join Ambassador John Bolton for "The Global Consequences of a Second Obama Term".

Ambassador John Bolton will be speaking in Calgary on October 17 (MacEwan Hall) and Toronto on October 18 (The Winter Garden Theatre). American weakness is provocative to our adversaries China, Russia, Islamic Terrorists and Muslim Jihad States and we got a President who specializes in it. Join Ambassador John Bolton on the Global Consequences of a Second Obama Term, featuring Brian Lilley of Sun News Network.

Go to for more information. This video was produced by the Sun News Network. Posted with permission

Shariah: The Threat to America

Centre for Security Policy


This study is the result of months of analysis, discussion and drafting by a group of top security policy experts concerned with the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time: the legal-political-military doctrine known within Islam as "shariah." It is designed to provide a comprehensive and articulate "second opinion" on the official characterizations and assessments of this threat as put forth by the United States government. This study challenges the assumptions underpinning the official line in the conflict with today's totalitarian threat, which is currently euphemistically described as "violent extremism," and the policies of co-existence, accommodation and submission that are rooted in those assumptions.

Distinguished contributors to the report include:

Team Leaders:

LIEUTENANT GENERAL WILLIAM G. "JERRY" BOYKIN, US Army (Ret.), former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
LIEUTENANT GENERAL HARRY EDWARD SOYSTER, US Army (Ret.), former Director, Defense Intelligence Agency


AMBASSADOR HENRY COOPER, former Chief Negotiator, Defense and Space Talks, former Director, Strategic Defense Initiative
* STEPHEN C. COUGHLIN, ESQ., Major (Res.) USA, former Senior Consultant, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
* MICHAEL DEL ROSSO, Senior Fellow, Claremont Institute and Center for Security Policy
* FRANK J. GAFFNEY, JR., former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy (Acting), President, Center for Security Policy
* JOHN GUANDOLO, former Special Agent, Counter-Terrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation
* ADMIRAL JAMES A. "ACE" LYONS, US Navy (Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet
* BRIAN KENNEDY, President, Claremont Institute
* CLARE M. LOPEZ, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy
* ANDREW C. MCCARTHY, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney; Senior Fellow, National Review Institute; Contributing Editor, National Review
* PATRICK POOLE, Consultant to the military and law enforcement on anti-terrorism issues
* JOSEPH E. SCHMITZ, former Inspector General, Department of Defense
* TOM TRENTO, Executive Director, Florida Security Council
* J. MICHAEL WALLER, Annenberg Professor of International Communication, Institute of World Politics, and Vice President for Information Operations, Center for Security Policy
* DIANA WEST, author and columnist
* R. JAMES WOOLSEY, former Director of Central Intelligence
* DAVID YERUSHALMI, ESQ., General Counsel to the Center for Security Policy

** UPDATE **
The Team B II Report, Shariah: The Threat to America, is now available as a 370-page paperback volume at for $14.00

Click the cover to order a copy today.

This official version includes an expanded section on the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as well as the complete text of the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document, "An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,"entered into evidence in the US v Holy Land Foundation trial.

Kindle (eBook) and an Audiobook versions are forthcoming. Please add your name to the Center's mailing list, the National Security Brief, on the right of this page for updates.

NOTE ON REPRODUCTION: Shariah: The Threat to America may be reproduced, distributed and transmitted electronically for personal or non-commercial purposes (including permitted reproductions of multiple copies), with appropriate attribution. For a letter authorizing reproduction, click here.

The Center's Publications

Frank Gaffney's Policy Decision Briefs are released weekly and sent directly to policy makers, coallitions, and the media for immediate action. Mr. Gaffney's weekly column is printed in The Washington Times on Tuesdays, and is also available at, Jewish World Review, and other websites.

Several times per week, the Center issues National Security Forum papers to inform and enliven the debate on issues vital to our national security.

The Americas Report is the featured product of the Center's Menges Hemispheric Security Project. Published weekly, it features in-depth, original articles on subjects not regularly covered by the American press.

The Center's Occasional Paper Series is an instrument for quick publication and dissemination of original research by CSP research staff and associates and the national security research and policy community beyond that.

While most of the Center's work is done behind the scenes, it does from time to time issue Press Releases on significant accomplishments, noteworthy events, or to set the record straight as a matter of public record.

NOTE ON REPRODUCTION: Shariah: The Threat to America may be reproduced, distributed and transmitted electronically for personal or non-commercial purposes (including permitted reproductions of multiple copies), with appropriate attribution.

As the demand for books moves to e-readers (such as the iPad, Kindle, and other devices), the Center for Security Policy Press has just released its best-seller, Shariah: The Threat to America (An Exercise in Competitive Analysis) as a specially-priced $2.99 download at
This past Christmas, online retailer announced that, for the first time ever, ebooks sold through its portable e-reader Kindle topped sales of regular books. In addition, Amazon reported that the new Kindle was the most-gifted item ever.
Even more recently, the revolution in Egypt and the triumphant return of Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf Qaradawi has television anchors, radio talk show hosts, and American citizens all talking about the Muslim Brotherhood.  This country needs to know what the Brotherhood has planned for Egypt, Europe—and America. Buy Shariah: The Threat to America and let journalists and mainstream media talking heads try to catch up with you, their more informed viewers.

Buy Shariah: The Threat to America in paperback or as an ebook now...

News Conference and Video Links

On September 15, 2010 the Center for Security Policy presented its Team B II Report, Shariah: The Threat to America, to Congressmen Trent Franks and Pete Hoekstra on Capitol Hill. Present at the event were Team B II members Frank Gaffney, Andy McCarthy, Lt. Gen. Soyster (Ret.), David Yerushalmi, Amb. Hank Cooper, Michael Del Rosso, Christine Brim, Stephen Coughlin, John Guandolo, Adm. "Ace" Lyons, Tom Trento, Patrick Poole, Clare Lopez, and Diana West.

Team B II: Shariah, the Threat to America

Andy McCarthy: Shariah, the Threat (Introducing the Team B II Report)

David Yerushalmi: Is Shariah the Same as Jewish Law?


Frank Gaffney with Glenn Beck: Shariah & Stealth Jihad

"Islamist-supporters infiltrate Obama Admin to subvert US security," reveals ex-CIA'er, Clare Lopez

Clare Lopez: 'Iranium' & the Iranian Threat

IRANIUM - Bonus Footage - Clare Lopez

IRANIUM Bonus Footage - Reza Kahlili- My Life As A CIA Spy

Sneak Peek: Iranium Movie - Featuring John Bolton

Iranium Trailer 1

Iranium Trailer 2

Canadian government orders "Iranium" be shown




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