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          Welcome to the International Intelligence Summitsm, a non-partisan, non-profit, neutral forum that uses private charitable funds to bring together for the first time the intelligence agencies of the free world and the emerging democracies.
          The purpose of the Summit is to provide an opportunity for the International Intelligence community to listen to and learn from each other, and to share ideas in the common war against terrorism.
          The Summit's International Advisory Council includes former heads of CIA, generals, and the former Chair of British Joint Intelligence Committee.
          The list of presenters at the Summit will include many of the top leaders of the intelligence, espionage, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence agencies from around the free world.
          The Summit is intended to be the most prestigious world conference on international studies, intelligence policy, terrorism and homeland security.

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Intelligence Summitsm International Advisory Council
Yossef Bodansky John Deutch Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld Yoram Hessel Gen. Tom McInerney
Yossef Bodansky, Director, Congressional Task Force on Terrorism John Deutch, former Director, CIA Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Director, American Center for Democracy Yoram Hessel, former Senior Mossad Officer, Israel Lt. General Tom McInerney, US Air Force, (Ret.)
Dame Pauline Neville-Jones Steve Pomerantz Col. Oded Shoham Gen. Paul Vallely Hon. James Woolsey
Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, former Chair, Joint Intelligence Committee, UK Steve Pomerantz, former Deputy Director and Director of Counterterrorism, FBI Col. Oded Shoham, IDF (Res.), Israel Major General Paul Vallely, US Army, (Ret.) James Woolsey, former Director, CIA
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