Coast to Coast AM
September 6, 2005
Hour 3
Guest 1: Jon Ronson (Infiltrated the Bohemian Grove with Alex Jones)
Guest 2: Alex Jones
Host: George Noory

RONSON: This thing that I remember most of all, which is what Alex had said, which was that the people in the crowd, the people sitting among us, were really, really into it. You know, they were rubbing their hands and they were going "burn him!, burn him!" And this was really true.... And they were really into it. And I felt this was nuts, you know, our leaders, that they wanna spent their summer vacations having a mock human sacrifice, even if all it is that their burning is "all their cares in the world." It's so kind of a weird mix of paganism and broadway.

NOORY: Do you think these people are satanists?

RONSON: No, and this is where me and Alex differ...

NOORY: What is your take then, Jon, overall, of Bohemian Grove? Why they go; what they get out of it? I mean, for it to be a summertime party that's a little strange.

RONSON: Yeah, it's really intense. The people there were really into it... There was sort of like a lot of hyperventilating around the time that the effigy was thrown into this fire. It was... You know, it was kind of weird. No doubt about it.


JONES: On the other side of things, showing that somebody didn't want us to get the footage; in the hotel rooms that night they transferred my video that I shot over to their camera. They looked at it, they tested it, they mailed it out to England; it was erased. They tried to fly out with video; it was erased. I had to falsely mark the video, mail it to World of Wonder in L.A., they had to falsely label it to get it into England for the editing. Jon, did that not happen?

RONSON: Yeah, that's true, and that's one of the great enduring mysteries of my life. I've got to say we watched the tape get transferred. Alex's tape got transferred into our camera. We watched the whole thing and I got no explanation for this at all. When we got back to Los Angeles we looked at the tape and Alex goes through the parking lot with [inaudible], Alex looking [inaudible], and just before the ritual starts the tape is erased. There's nothing... I can't remember what happened after that. Did you just sent us another copy of the tape?

JONES: And then it got erased again.