Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Speaks at the Grove
Update, July 1997

by Mary Moore

On Saturday, July 12, 1997 Bohemian Grove members burned "Dull Care" in the 118th re-enactment of their Cremation of Care ceremony. But that was not the only strange occurance to come from their 1997 summer encampment.

As usual we obtained their program of events with the help of insider employees (the workers ARE aware) and, as usual, there was a list of Lakeside Talks that belie their claim that "weaving spiders come not here"! So, for your enlightenment we bring you a partial list of speakers at this years gathering of military, industrial and governmental "heavy hitters". If any of you readers recognize the names with (?) please let us know who they are.

Friday, July 11 Ambassador James Woolsey
former CIA Director Rogues, Terrorists and Two Weimars Redux: National Security in the Next Century
Saturday, July 12 Norman Augustine, Chairman
and CEO of Lockheed Martin Inc. Augustine's Laws and the High Tech Grove
Sunday, July 13 Ken Jowitt (?) Individualism in Western History
Monday, July 14 Michael von Clemm
resident, Oxford University Africa—Where is the Light?
Tuesday, July 15 Christopher DeMuth (?) The Triumph of the Market and the Politics of Affluence
July 16 Yurek Martin, Senior Writer
Financial Times Heretical Thoughts
Thursday, July 17 Craig McCaw, Chairman & CEO
Eagle River LLC The New Economics—Ideas Hatched in the Forest are Worth More Than the Trees
Friday, July 18 Louis W. Sullivan, M.D.
Former Secretary
Health & Human Services Cyberspace and Managed Care: Is the Acceleration Manageable, or Do We Throw Momma from the Train?
Saturday, July 19 Charles Hollister (?) Plutonium Today and Tomorrow
Sunday, July 20 William A. Owens, Admiral USN (ret)
Former Vice-Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Chairman SAIC National Security is Going South: Where is the Vision?
July 23 Kurt Hauser (?) Taxation with Representation
Thursday, July 24 Ervin S. Duggan, President and CEO
Public Broadcasting Service The Information Superhighway: A Way Upward, or a Toll Road to Nowhere?
Friday, July 25 Antonin Scalia, Justice
Supreme Court Church, State and the Constitution
Saturday, July 26 Donald Rumsfeld, member of Nixon
Cabinet, Campaign Operative The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Well, there you have it—proof positive that it's not all fun and games, as the Bohemian Club likes to tell journalists.

It's not that these men don't have the right to gather and free-associate. No one is taking issue with that. But I for one would very much like to know what a sitting judge of the United States Supreme Court had to say about Church and State, as well as the Constitution!!!

For serious researchers and journalists, you may arrange to see our copy of the Lakeside Talks for 1997, as well as the newest membership list, by e-mailing me at We also have the schedules from past years, as well as older membership lists and other documents.

Much thanks to our helpers inside the Grove who have made this possible.