DO NOT PUBLISH: UFO Group Demands Congressional Hearing

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By Leonard David
Senior Space Writer
posted: 12:08 pm ET
09 May 2001

WASHINGTON -- There is compelling evidence that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) visit the friendly skies of Earth. These extraterrestrial visitations suggest the presence of advanced extraterrestrial life forms, making use of advanced energy and propulsion technology. Witnesses throughout the world and spanning every branch of the armed services are coming forward to attest to this fact and demand that the U.S. Congress take up the issue.

The Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research organization, today called upon the U.S. President and Congress to support open congressional hearings on the matter.

These testimonies establish once and for all that we are not alone. Technologies related to extraterrestrial phenomena are capable of providing solutions to the global energy crisis, and other environmental and security challenges.
- Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project

For dozens of tight-lipped officials, many who are sworn to secrecy, the group is asking for amnesty so these individuals can inform the public-at-large regarding decades of high-level secrecy about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Best case yet

According to the Disclosure Project head, Steven Greer, witnesses from such groups as the Federal Aviation Administration, Air Force Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Reconnaissance Office are ready to step forward and make the best case yet that there is an extraterrestrial presence.

"These testimonies establish once and for all that we are not alone," Greer said. "Technologies related to extraterrestrial phenomena are capable of providing solutions to the global energy crisis, and other environmental and security challenges," he said.

Greer said the Crozet, Virginia-based Disclosure Project has gleaned some 120 hours of digital video testimony from witnesses regarding a long-standing cover-up, as well as amassing around 1200 pages of testimony transcript.

While the data collected speaks for itself, Greer called upon the public to "demand that Congress and the President and the leaders of other countries hold hearings into this subject without delay."

Past hearings

Greer said the only previously held congressional hearings were conducted in 1968, by the House Science and Astronautics Committee in the 90th Congress.

The testimony of first-hand witnesses, thousands of government documents, hundreds of photographs, and evidence to show past landings have been amassed by the group. The materials collected will be made available for any serious scientific or congressional inquiry, Greer said.

According to Alfred Webre, the congressional coordinator for the group, there are several lawmakers who have seen the legislative platform of the Disclosure Project and are prepared to sponsor it within the halls of the U.S. Congress. He would not identify those individuals, telling that private meetings are now underway to gain broad support for the group's findings and recommendations.

"The issue is why are they here, and what institutional interface can we build with extraterrestrial civilizations," Webre said in a phone interview, from his Vancouver, Canada office.

"All indications are that we are a lower-order, intelligent species. So my focus has been on the institutional aspectsto very rationally and proactively build an institutional base outward. Right now, we have an outmoded and antiquated 50-year policy of official denial that nobody now believes. At the same time, the necessary work to build the institutional infrastructure to deal with the presence of UFOs and extraterrestrials is not happening," Webre said.

ET craft recovered

"We are talking about a new space policy and paradigm if you assume that the universe may be populated and regulated," Webre said. He said the group is hopeful of motivating Congress to hold hearings on their findings perhaps as early as this year, or in 2002, he said.

Today, Greer said, that the evidence and testimony point to the fact that Earth is indeed being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations and has been for some time. Moreover, this fact is the most classified-compartmented program within the U.S. and many other countries. Advanced spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin have been downed, retrieved and studied since at least the 1940s, and possibly as early as the 1930s.

Greer said that by studying an ET craft, new breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have been made. In fact, classified, above top-secret projects possess fully operational anti-gravity propulsion devices and new energy generation systems. If these energy sources are declassified, he said, civilization could be empowered and free of environmental damage.

Among a number of recommended steps to incorporate the science behind UFOs, the President of the United States should create a new scientific research organization. This group would be charted to integrate the knowledge and technologies behind UFOs with mainstream scientific and academic institutions.