Bill Wanted UFO Probe: Hubbell Book

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New York Post
November 23, 1997

By Deborah Orin

President Clinton was intrigued by UFOs and wanted to know if they really existed, says a new book by his golfing pal, disgraced Justice Department official Webb Hubbell.

Hubbell says finding out about UFOs was one of the top priorities Clinton gave him in sending him over to a job as one of Attorney General Janet Reno's top deputies. "' Clinton_ had said, "if I put you over at Justice I want you to find the answers to two questions for me,'"

Hubbell recounts. "One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.'

"Clinton was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn't satisfied with the answers I was getting," Hubbell adds.

Hubbell describes his failure to find out about JFK and UFOs as a big regret when he had to resign as associate attorney general and pleaded guilty to bilking law clients of $482,000.