The stars who saw E.T.

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Source:The Daily Mail (London, England) (August 6, 1997): p28. (355 words)
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A NUMBER of Hollywood stars are claiming to have encountered unidentified flying objects.

David Duchovny, Charlie Sheen, Cliff Robertson and Olivia Newton-John are among celebrities who report experiences with mysterious space craft.

Duchovny, alias Mulder in the X-Files, says he was jogging along a beach in Orange City, New Jersey four years ago when he saw a triangular UFO overhead.

It was definitely not a plane,' he said. 'I don't know what it was. I don't think I'll ever know.' Charlie Sheen, star of the science fiction thriller The Arrival, says he saw a UFO in the skies over Malibu, California, in 1976. It carried out complex manoeuvres, then from a standstill, accelerated to an indescribable speed and disappeared.

I witnessed an aircraft doing things acrobatically that I really don't believe are possible with anything we've created.' Cliff Robertson, who won an Oscar in the film Charly, was in Pacific Park, California, in 1963 when he saw something gleaming in the sky. Using binoculars, he could make out a cigar-shaped metal object . After hovering motionless for ten minutes, it shot straight up and disappeared.

'I don't know of anything on this planet that could manoeuvre in such a fashion,' he said.

Knot's Landing star Michelle Phillips reports spotting a UFO in the Californian desert in 1969. She saw a brilliant light race across the sky, stop and hover, then zigzag away. 'It was too fast for a satellite, too slow for a plane and too high for a helicopter,' she said.

Olivia Newton-John was driving with a friend in Australia in 1964 when she felt pins-and-needles all over her body, as though she were surrounded by static electricity.

She gazed upward and saw a silvery, triangular object hurtling toward her, she says. Then it changed into a multicoloured globe.

It started and stopped several times, darted from side to side and flew off.

She recalled: 'It was able to change directions like no plane I'd ever seen.' The sightings are recounted in a book, Hollywood and the Supernatural.

Author Brad Steiger said: 'Their reports are highly credible and represent additions to the UFO literature.'