Richness of the saucer story

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Title: Richness of the saucer story; Travel News.(Features).
Source:The Times (London, England) (Feb 2, 1995): p23. (366 words)
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Radar fails to pick up the UFO which had a near miss with a Boeing 737 jet.

A CLOSE encounter between a British Airways jet with 60 passengers on board and an illuminated, triangular-shaped unidentified flying object at 13,000 feet above the Pennines is under formal investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Captain Roger Wills and his co-pilot Mark Stuart were beginning their descent towards Manchester airport after a flight from Milan last month when both pilots spotted something coming towards them. Very fast.

It flashed down the right hand side of their Boeing 737 twin jet ``very close'' according to the formal report that the shaken crew decided to file after being told by air-traffic controllers that the only thing which had shown up on radars was their own aircraft.

The mystery of what was seen by the crew of flight 5061 is one of four reports of unidentified flying objects which have been investigated by the CAA's Joint Airmiss Working Group since 1987, but which are still unexplained. Three of the craft have been described as either triangular or lozenge-shaped, and the coincidence is enough to excite those who believe in ``flying saucers''.

Arnold West, the director of the British UFO Research Association, says the description was all too familiar to him. Mr West, who used to work for the CAA, says: ``We know of several spottings of triangular flying objects over the past few years. ``There were several seen over The Netherlands two or three years ago and they have also been seen over America.

``The `design' of UFOs varies but the wedge-shaped description which the pilots saw seems to be common over recent years.''