UFO hunt fails in Belgium

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Chicago Sun-Times

April 16, 1990
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UFO hunt fails in Belgium
Author: Agence France-Presse

Dateline: LIEGE, Belgium,

Article Text:

LIEGE, Belgium, Airmen, scientists and journalists who joined what was billed as the world's biggest UFO hunt failed to find an unidentified flying object sighted over Belgium last weekend, but vowed to try again this week.

The Belgian Air Force and Belgian Society for the Observation of Space Phenomena took over Liege-Bierset airport for Easter weekend in an attempt to track a UFO after a rash of sightings in eastern Belgium.

For the past four months, dozens of witnesses, including police and an army meteorologist have reported spotting a UFO with three powerful lights forming a triangle.

All the descriptions were identical, said experts from the Society for the Observation of Space Phenomena. They said they would continue the effort to identify the strange object today.

The glowing triangle reportedly appeared over Liege again Saturday, just before midnight. But it failed to show up on army radar screens, and an air force plane that took off 45 minutes after the sighting flew too high to track it.

Dozens of people on the ground, including drivers mesmerized on a local highway, watched as the UFO apparently cruised far below the plane.