Are The Eyes Of UFOs Upon Us?

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The Pittsburgh Press
December 28, 1979

... There's no doubt about it, we do need watching--and since the advent of our discovery of atomic and hydrogen power, the vigilance of the "eyes in the sky" has apparently increased.

An example of this constant surveillance was reported last Nov. 14. It wasn't given great prominence, but it happened in Spain:

"An airline pilot who made an emergency landing after reporting his plane was being followed by objects in the sky said it was one of the most frightening experiences of his life.

"The Spanish commercial jetliner with 199 passengers landed in Valencia after Capt. Javier Lerdo-Tejeda said he was being chased by unidentified flying objects. The plane was flying from Majorca to the Canary Islands.

"Lerdo-Tejeda, who has been a pilot for more than 15 years, said two bright red lights followed his plane for 15 minutes.

Kept closing in

"'I have nevr seen anything like it before,' he said. 'They kept closing in all the time.'

"He said he immediately descended from cruising altitude but the UFO stayed on his tail.

"The objects disappeared before Spanish Air Force jet fighter planes were sent up to investigate, Lerdo-Tejeda said." ... [Disagrees a little with original report, in which the UFOs only left after the first jet fighter arrived. His cred backed him up on this.]

An incident which almost duplicates the recent Spanish case occurred 35 years ago during World War II. It was related by a veteran pilot of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron after a mission over Germany on Dece. 22, 1944.


At 6 a.m., while flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet, the pilot and his radar operator were astonished tosee "two large orange glows" climbing rapidly toward them.

"Upon reaching our altitude," the pilot said, "the objects leveled off and stayed on my tail."

He went into a steep dive and the "glows" followed in sharp precision. He banked as sharply as he dared and the objects followed. For two minutes the "lights" stalked the fighter through several intricate maneuvers, peeled off under perfect control, then blinked out...

It's not often that we see photographic evidence of the vigilant UFOs doing their job but there is at least one, taken in 1957.

'Saucer' revealed

The McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft Co. was flying a twin-engine jet bomber over the Mojave Desert and had an escort plane up with it. A test pilot on the observer craft took routine photographs--but on closer examination itwas found the photos were not routine--something was following the jet.

An enlargement was made and the "something" was revealed to be a typical disc-shaped UFO.

When the revolutionary Anglo-French was making a test flight to South Africa in record-breaking time, it flew for many miles in a cloudless blue sky--cloudless, that is, except for peculiarly shaped cloud that always seemed to be with it.

Was this a UFO in disguise observing our latest advance in supersonic flight and design?