Scores Report UFOs Over Kansas, Illinois

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Los Angeles Times
March 10, 1967
Original by United Press International

Scores of persons, including policemen, reported spotting unidentified flying objects late Wednesday and early Thursday in west-central Illinois and northwest Kansas.
The object sighted over five counties in northwest Kansas reportedly made sounds like a large vacuum cleaner. One observer in Illinois reported he watched an object which made a hissing sound.
A Goodland (Kan.) policeman reported seeing an object brilliantly white on the front, with red and amber lights on the sides, roaring like a huge vacuum cleaner.

2-State Sightings
UFOs were reported sighted in Rawlins, Cheyenne, Wallace, Thomas and Sherman counties in Kansas, and in Henry and Knox counties in Illinois.
Frank Courson, a Knox County deputy sheriff who, said he had been on the force 19 years and had been a private pilot for three years, said the UFO he watched was "very distinguishable."

  Courson said he watched the object, which he said was later joined by a second UFO.
He said the object was "bluish white and pulsating red." It had a "rim that looked like it was about five feet thick" at the bottom of what looked like "an upside down bowl."
The object was first spotted about 35 miles north in Henry County. Deputy Sheriff Bob Powell said he saw the UFO and his description matched Courson's. Both men denied knowing the other.
Police officer Bill Green said he watched the UFO for 45 minutes before it was joined by a second, identical craft. ....
The object emitted a hissing sound, he said.