Flying Objects Reported Over East, Midwest

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Los Angeles Times
October 12, 1966

By United Press International
Authorities in two widely separated areas—New Jersey and South Dakota —have reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects. The sightings apparently were unrelated.
Two UFOs were reported sighted Monday night in the Ft. Thompson (S.D.) area, both resembling "lighted merry-go-rounds." The first sighting was reported by Kanabec rancher Roger Huston about 9 p.m. He said a bluish light appeared to be hanging over the Crow Creek Indian Reservation community of Ft. Thompson.
This sighting was later corroborated by motor patrolman Patrick Gribbin, Sheriff Lee Roberts and Game Warden Floyd Gaarder of Presho, all of whom drove into the country to view the lights.

  The object moved slowly from an overhead position eastward and two hours later Ft. Thompson police said it had brightened and was joined by another object in the sky. The lights on the second object seemed to rotate, witnesses said, changing from red to green to yellow, while the original object went from white to bluish-green to red.
Hundreds of miles to the east, at Wanaque, N.J., at least five persons — three of them policemen— reported sighting UFOs. Patrolman William Pastor said he spotted a "bright light" hovering over Wanaque reservoir while he was parked in a patrol car nearby.
"I turned on the red light on the patrol car," he said, "and the light on the object immediately went out."
Sightings also were reported at the reservoir by Sgt. Benjamin Thompson and Patrolman Edward Western.