New UFO Sightings Reported by Michigan Police Officers

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Los Angeles Times
March 28, 1966

BAD AXE, Mich. (AP)—Michigan's unidentified flying objects (UFOs) don't appear offended because a professor has accused them of being swamp gas. Several were reported in the state again over the weekend.
Three law officers in this small community in Michigan's "thumb" reported watching a bright blue light over Lake Huron for about half an hour early Sunday.
Bad Axe policeman Peter Torres described the object as very large and moving too fast to be a star. State Police trooper Franklin Best and Larry Ringvelsky, a Huron County sheriff's deputy, also reported seeing the phenomenon.
State Police Capt Frank Lyon, who did not see it, speculated the object might be a weather balloon. He said it was not uncommon for balloons released at Sioux Falls, S.D., to drift over the area.
Thousands of residents of Hillsdale County, just north of Ohio, watched lights cavort high above them for several hours Saturday night.
  Among them was Dave Keister, assistant manager of Hillsdale radio station WCSR. I just don't think it was a star," said Keister, who looked at one of the objects, through binoculars for some time. He said he could not estimate the size of the objects, and added they appeared to change in color from white to red to orange to green.
"They gave the impression that they might be rotating," he said.
As has been true since the current rash of sightings started some weeks ago, the Air Force said Sun-
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