Unidentified Objects Seen in Sky Again Reports Received of Sightings on Four Continents

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Los Angeles Times
August 1, 1965

UPI staff writer

People on four continents have gazed into the sky in recent weeks, usually at night, and seen something they couldn't explain. Suddenly, the flying saucer phenomenon is back with us.
From the United States, from Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, France, Antarctica and Australia have come the rash of reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The sightings have been the most numerous since 1957.
The U.S. Air Force has been investigating reports of UFOs seen over U.S. territory or bases abroad since 1947. So far it has studied 9,130 cases. Of these, 667 sightings have it baffled. The investigators have found explanations for the rest.
Four Unexplained
So far this year, the Air Force has investigated 222 reports, of which only four remain unexplained.
It says most sightings have turned out to be natural phenomena, balloons or meteors.
The National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena, a non-profit organization, also investigates UFOs. Acting Director Richard Hall said a UFO recently flew alongside a Japanese airliner, sending its instruments "wild."
"Another similar sighting happened July 6 in Antarctica," he said. "British and Argentine scientists reported an unknown object which violently affected their geometric instruments.
Then these sightings were reported:
July 8—Lt. John Haag of the Sunnyvale (Calif.) police force and another officer said they observed a blinking red light for about 10 minutes. They said the object was much brighter than "Venus and climbed straight up, turned north and moved away.
  Watches Stop
July 11—Witnesses at the Santa Maria airport in the Azores said electromagnetic watches stopped for 10 minutes when a UFO passed overhead. In Garfield, N.J., a witness said the light from "a huge glowing ball" lit the ground for five seconds. "After that, it suddenly shot up out of sight
July 19—Five persons in Massachusetts said they saw an object with four arms in the sky for about 45 minutes. Boston area residents reported seeing a silvery object at a low altitude for about 15 minutes.
July 21—Twenty persons near Framingham, Mass., reported a silver-white UFO hovering over the area for almost a half hour. A Baltimore (Md.) radio station received numerous calls about a UFO at a very high altitude zig-zagging across the sky.
July 23—The Spanish news agency Cifra said "highly responsible sources" sighted two "flying saucers" in Ubeda in southern Spain.
The Air Force is careful about what it says about unexplained sightings. So far, it says, it finds no vidence that UFOs "do pose a threat to our security, nor has there been evidence of visitations from other planets." It said, too, that it does not deny that life may exist on other planets, but to date no conclusive evidence has been shown on support the theory that the UFOs originate from other planets.