Flying Saucer Sightings Increase

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Scripps Howard
February 13, 1954

Commercial airline pilots report between five and 10 flying saucer sightings each night, it was learned yesterday.

Representatives of major air- [unreadable] will meet Wednesday in Los Angeles with Military Air Transport Service intelligence officers to discuss speeding up saucer reporting procedures. The idea XX be to "get the reports in the quickest possible way" so that the Air Force can send fast jet fighters to investigate.

Pilots Gagged

[text falls in part outside of the scan, but commercial pilots that have seen a UFO or Flying Saucer are advised to flash their reports immediately to the MATS intelligence service in Washington or the nearest Air Force Base, instead of their local civilian bosses first]

... Airline pilots are asked not to address their sightings publicly [unreadable] them to newspapers.