Saucers seen on West Coast

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INS News
January 30, 1953

LOS ANGELES-(INS)- Flying saucers zoomed back into the news in Los Angeles today with two incidents of mysterious sky objects reported on successive days.

Rex Hardy Jr., a Northrop aircraft test pilot who was a lieutenant commander in the naval air service during the war, declared that he saw four saucers, flying in formation near Malibu yesterday afternoon.

Two men who were with him in a plane 9,000 feet above Malibu confirmed Hardy's story. They are Chester Mathews, another test pilot, and Jim Wilkinson, a Northrop photographer.

Earlier officials at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Base, southeast of Los Angeles, reported that one of their jet interceptor planes chased a large fiery, disc-shaped object Wednesday night but was out-distanced.

Several persons in the Los Angeles area reported sighting what apparently was the same object.