Merry-Go-Round, Air Force Admission on Saucers

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The Washington Post
July 29, 1952

By Drew Pearson

While the politicians have been watching the none-too-mysterious conventions, some other people, including the Air Force have been watching a mysterious rash of flying saucers.

Furthermore, the Air Force, long skeptical about flying saucers, has now made some official and important admissions.

ADMISSION NO. 1 is that they have now detected something that looks like flying saucers on radar at the same time that people have claimed they saw flying saucers. In other words, flying saucers are not just cloud freaks or hallucinations. If so, they could not be detected on radar screens.

ADMISSION NO. 2 is that flying saucers could possibly be space ships from another planet. The reason for this admission is that it will soon be possible for us to build a space ship to visit the moon if we are willing to spend the money for research and construction.

Our current research into atomic power and supersonic speeds already has progressed so far that it is definitely known such a ship can be built, but the big expense would come from creating atmosphere inside the ship to support human life while traveling from one planet to the other.

Therefore if we are this close to interplanetary travel, Air Force officers admit that a more advanced civilization could be keeping this planet under surveillance through flying saucers.

ADMISSION NO. 3 - It has not been announced, but scientific observation posts have been set up in New Mexico, where we are testing guided missiles, to track flying saucers also. A number of flying saucers have been seen in the southwest, and since trained specialists are already on the job in that area with the latest scientific gadgets, the Air Force has ordered them to watch for flying saucers and track them scientifically.