Saucer Reports Cut Skepticism In Control Tower

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The Washington Post
July 23, 1952

CLEVELAND, July 22 (AP). - Professional control tower men at Cleveland Hopkins Airport today said they couldn't explain "lights" in the sky over Cleveland. At least one said he had lost his skepticism over "flying saucers."

Clark Croft, chief of the Civil Aeronautics Administration's tower staff, said: "I'm ready to say there's something doing. Our people have seen the lights, and experienced pilots have seen them. I haven't the slightest idea what they are. I'd like to think that whatever it is, it's our own, but I don't know."

Reports in suburban Parma last Saturday said "golden lights" were seen in the sky.

Croft said some of his night staff saw a red light several months ago over nearby Berea. He said a pilot taking off for Akron "tried to catch it, but couldn't. It was faster than any jet aircraft we know about."