Veteran Pilot Reports Seeing Flying Saucers

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The Washington Post
July 18, 1952

CHICACO, July 18 (U.P.). - A veteran airline pilot's report that he saw four objects moving at terrific speed over Denver, Colo., provided Air Force officers with new evidence today in their investigation of "flying saucer" stories.

Capt. Paul L. Cerpenter of American Airlines said he and his crew spotted the objects last night after a flight ahead of them radiod to be on the lookout.

The objects had a yellow tinge, Carpenter said. He estimated their altitude at about [unreadable],000 to 30,000 feet and said he thought they traveled at about 3000 miles an hour. But he said they were too far away for him to tell if they were round like the reputed "flying saucers."

An Air Force officer at Dayton, Ohio, assigned to investigate the reports, said he had received about 1000 reports of flying saucers and that about 15 percent of them cannot be explained.