With a Very Straight Face, 'Inside Stuff' on Flying Saucers

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The Washington Post
September 10, 1950

INSIDE THE flying saucer which came down in a remote part of New Mexico in the summer of 1949, "we were able to count 16 bodies, that ranged in heigth from about 36 to 42 inches... We took the little bodies out and laid them on the ground. We examined them and their clothing. I remember one of our team saying, 'That looks like the style of 1890.'

"The bodies were perfectly normal in their development. The only trouble was that their skin seemed to be charred a very dark chocolate color. About the only thing that we could decide at the time was that the charring had occurred somewhere in space and that their bodies had been burned as a result of air rushing through that broken porthole window."

No, this is not some admitted fantasy from "Amazing Stories" or the comic magazines. It is being marketed as a completely factual report on an actual 100-foor flying saucer.

The discovery was supposedly hushed up by the Air Force, which threw a heavy guard around the space ship. But a mysterious "Dr. Gee," called in to help with the investigation, told Scully everything and Scully has put it all in his book.

While the scientific holes in Scully's writing are much larger than the broken porthole in the flying saucer, this book is likely to create the sort of panic Orson Welles produced by his irresponsible broadcast on the invasion from Mars.

AS THOUGH THE PUBLIC were not already sufficiently jittery about the very real possibility of falling A and H bombs, Scully adds an even graver threat. He insists with a straight face that the flying saucer invaders have mastered the secret of piloting their craft "along magnetic lines" and can wipe out everyone on this planet in seconds by "demagnetizing" the globe.

This no-very-amuzing hoax is loaded with improbabilities.

No one with even a primary knowledge of the various sciences ....