'Flying Saucers' pop up in Korea and over Tokyo

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Associated Press
August 2, 1950

SEOUL, Aug 2 (AP) - Those "flying saucers" have popped up in Korea and Japan.

A Canadian destroyer reported sighting two such objects July 10 and recorded them on its radar, it was learned today. A navy report placed the objects two miles high and seven miles away.

A second report dismissed the radar find as the planet Jupiter.

One officer commented, however: "Jupiter doesn't come in pairs and it is several million miles out of range of our radar."

In Tokyo Kosuke Miyazaki of the central meteorological observatory said he saw a greenish-white thing with a tail flying thru the sky last night. Makoto Sakai, a university student, saw it, too. He said it was bluish-white and split into halves before disappearing. Another witness said it was orange-white. Dr. Hideo Hirose of the Tokyo astronomical observatory said it must have been a meteor.