Plane passengers, Pilots See Huge Flying Saucer

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Associated Press
April 28, 1950

KANSAS CITY, April 28 (AP)

Capt. Robert Adickes, veteran Trans World Airline pilot, can hardly believe it either but he thinks he saw a flying saucer.

And he has witnesses to back him up- his first officer, his hostess and some of the 19 passengers aboard a flight from Washington to Chicago last night.

It happened between Goshen, Ind., and Chicago.

Adickes reported he was flying about 2000 feet when his copilot, Robert Manning, called his attention to the strange object. Manning couldn't believe his eyes and he said he observed it for a minute or two before he told Adickes about it. To confirm what they saw they called the hostess, Miss Gloria Hinshaw. Then they told the 19 passengers aboard about it.

"They object was about a half mile away when we first saw it," Adickes related. "It was flying along about 200 miles an hour."

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... sneak over and come up from behind it or from above.

Each time he tried to move into a closer position, he said, the flying saucer moved with his two-engine plane, a DC-3.

"It is my opinion," he said today, "that it was equipped with some sort of repulse radar. It was a disk 20 to 50 feet in diameter and appeared to fly on its edge just like a wheel going down the highway."

Adickes said he and his crew observed the object for seven ...

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