Scores report seeing saucers flight in formation over New Mexico

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Los Angeles Times
March 18, 1950

FARMINGTON, N.M., March 17 (U.P.)--A mass flight of flying saucers over this Northwestern New Mexico oil town of 5000 population was reported today by 50 persons, including businessmen and private pilots.

Detailed accounts of the flight varied, but the witnesses estimated the number of the objects, which appeared in groups commencing at 10:30 a.m., and lasting for one hour, from one to "hundreds."

The advertising manager of the Farmington Daily Times, Clayton Boddy, said he was with a group of five businessmen who saw a mass flight of the saucers. Boddy said they were all disk-shaped and fluttered through the air without descending to earth.

Among the saucers spotted by scores of persons on Farmington's streets was one low-flying, red-hued, saucer-shaped object which streaked across the sky.

Orville Ricketts, editor of the Times, said a cross check of witnesses revealed that the object cleared the horizon in its tremendous speed in about three seconds.

Ricketts said he did not see the objects, but that Boddy said that in the mass flight of the saucers he and five businessmen with whom he was standing believed they saw more than 100 of the strange objects.

The town's business was brought practically to a standstill while persons scanned the skies.

All of the objects were of a silvery color except for the one red "saucer," and all except the latter appeared to be at an extremely high altitude, Ricketts said.

Ricketts said that among the witnesses were airplane pilots.