Two Killed In Crash On 'Saucer' Mission

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Los Angeles Times
August 3, 1947

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 2. (U.P.) Two flyers who were killed yesterday in a crash in Washington were intelligence officers returning here after talking with Kenneth Arnold, Boise pilot who first reported seeing the flying disks, Brig. Gen. Ned Schramm, 4th Air Force chief of staff, said today.

Schramm said the officers had flown to Washington to see Arnold after they received a communication that Arnold "might have something interesting to tell them."

Schramm said it was his understanding that the men were not bringing anything back with them in their B-25 bomber which crashed near Kelso, Wash.

An anonymous caller notified the United Press at Tacoma, Wash., that closely guarded fragments of a flying disk had been loaded aboard the plane before it took off from McChord Field, Washington, for Hamilton Field, California.

The flyers who were killed were Capt. William L. Davidson of San Francisco, the pilot, and 1st Lt. Frank M. Brown of Vallejo.