'Army Has 'Flying Saucer'; But What Is It?

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Nevada State Journal (Reno), July 9, Morning, Front page, headline story
'Old Balloon' General Says
Officials Clamp on Secrecy Lid After Finding Strange Object

FORT WORTH, Tex., July 8. (UP) -- Brig. Gen. Roger B. Ramey, commanding general of the 8th army air force said tonight that the purported "flying disc" found on a New Mexico ranch had been identified as "remnants of a tin-foil covered box-kite and a rubber balloon."

Speaking over a Fort Worth radio station to "deflate" the wild stories that discovery of the device had touched off, Ramey said the object was "a high-altitude weather observation device--a very normal gadget in weather bureau operations."
He added that although the box kite originally carried instruments, none was found with the wreckage.

Asked to comment on the "flying discs," Ramey said he knew nothing about them and "I have never seen one."